Orders, Societies and Guilds

Military Orders

Bartigtot: The Deadbeards, Dwarven order of soldiers who fought at Olensk. Their losses were so great that the survivors shaved their chins. Only veterans and their sons become Bartigtot.

Black Riders ( Lost Men): The Black Riders were originally founded as personal guard the Patriarch. Originally, a thousand strong, the Riders were smashed as the Empire fell. Stories of their revival in the Grunliche Mountains to the northeast are increasingly more common.

Confessor Knights: Band of Paladins who serve St. Luther.

Covenant of the Lion: Paladins and cavaliers.

Cult of the Sword: A fighter’s and mercenaries guild. Any guild members may refuse to engage in personal combat with another member. In the event of a mutual agreement to cross swords, mercy is expected and freely given. Members identify one-another by their sworn oath and branded symbol of the sword.

Holy Defenders of the Flame: Paladins who her serve the Holy Flame.

Knights of Haven: Knights who guide and protect pilgrims of Ore-Tsar.

Poor Knights: Crusading Knights dedicated to pacifying the wild western lands of the New Empire.

Shield Brethren: A secretive sect of Warrior Monks.

Star Watchers: A loose order, these rangers wander Erde, pay homage to the star, Patrice.

Watchers in the Wood: A Ranger order dedicated to the Great Oak.

Wizard and Druid Guilds

Order of the Oak: The servants of the Great Oak, aligned with Watchers of the Wood.

Knights of Wizardry: A new guild in the New Empire, dedicated to the study of magic.

Lothian Clerics: Clerics commited to the worship of Daladon Lothian and serve to aid the under-privledged.

Mystic Enclave: A guild founded by Aristobolus the White Mage in 694md.

Paths of Umbra: Those evil wizard priests who follow the teachings of Nulak-Kiz-din and yearn for the return of Unklar.

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Orders, Societies and Guilds

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