The Age of Winter Dark

Unklar, the Black, settled within the Halls of the Gilded Realm and made that place his fortress. He named it anew, calling it Aufstrag, and in later years molded his Castle into the shape of a tree to mimic the Great Tree which defied him. From Aufstrag he ruled for over a thousand years.

Unklar’s power waxed great in the early days of his rule, and he set himself the task of reshaping the world. Foremost, he enslaved or destroyed the gods of man and dwarf. Some he bound to him, and they became his Captain Kings and ruled in his name. Others he made to serve his grim purpose.

Under the earth he found the bones of the All Father and he lent himself to bending the world, wrapping its form around the All Father’s skull so that the corners met. He tore lust from the All Father and ignited it so that it burned with the heat of a billion fires, and he cast this sun into the void. And this world he spun through the cosmos, making it turn around the newly formed sun. Above the lands he gathered clouds and brought sheets of snow and sleet, and he blanketed the northern lands in ice. He surveyed his work and deemed it good, and upon his thrown in Aufstrag he slept for a hundred years. In truth, Unklar spent his power in shaping the world, and never again was he the being he had been.

But he ruled for a thousand years, and in that time his minions fought many wars against those who defied him. He rooted out the dwarves of Grundliche Hohle. He released the Hounds of Darkness to find the elves, but they failed. Wars uncountable were fought between and with the Captain Kings and ever and anon did Unklar spend himself and leave vestiges of his power in hidden places. In his later years, with the aid of the enslaved son of the last King of Grundliche Hohle, Unklar forged splinters of his own mind and made the Geist, great spirits of fire and ash. He fashioned twenty four of the beasts and he set them to watching the world. But they took from him more power and thus diminished him even more.

In the 1019th year of Unklar’s reign the Winter Dark Wars began. Unklar’s power had waned and those survivors who had hidden themselves for many years gathered around the spirit of the Great Tree. Aristobolus the mage returned from the Land of Shade and Chaos, and Luther from the Sea of Dreams. They gathered dwarves and men and heroes, and they made war on Unlkar for twenty years. Daladon half-elven and Dolgon, last king of Grunliche Hohle, Jaren, freed from a thousand years of imprisonment, Albrecht the River King and others, joined them. This alliance, a Council of Man and Dwarf, fought the Winter Dark Wars to glorious end. And in the 1030th year of Unklar’s reign, they stole into his throne room and cast him from the plane.

The shroud of mist which held the world in winter’s grasp broke with Unklar’s passing, and the Winter Dark ended. The world now stands, however, as at its creation.

The Age of Winter Dark

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