Dwarven Tunnel Mail

+1 Chainmail

Current Owner: Ferris


Ancient and obviously of Dwarven design this chainmail is definitely more functional than decorative and was probably worn by miners and tunnel fighters is ages past. The armor has been tarnished by the passage of decades and mistreatment by the previous owner.

When worn the bearer will feel some slight heat emanating from the mail, especially when underground. Although untested, it is also likely that the armor will provide a slight resistance against the deadly breath attacks of Wyrms and their kin.

This particular suit of mail was recovered from a goblin occupied Dwarven ruin in The Darkened North. The band of adventurers who found the mail had to slay an orc named “Ironfang” who had claimed it as his own.

The mail is currently in the possession of a Dwarf fighter name Ferris.

Dwarven Tunnel Mail

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