Sir Lendolin of Dray

A young and brave paladin, questing to prove himself to his patron Goddess -'The Lady of the Lake'.


Lendolin is the 14th son of the Duke of Draymark. Knowing from a young age that he was very unlikely indeed to be called to rule, Lendolin instead decided he would hone his skills and train to become an excellent knight. As he grew Lendolin became more and more drawn to worship ‘The Lady of the Lake’ and became exceptionally devout.

As his knightly and religious training continued he left the comfort of his father’s castle and moved to a small chapel on the border of Dray. The chapel was tended by a elderly hermit knight name Sir Mortifer. Sir Mortifer taught young Lendolin the true way of the paladin, and for several years they trained. Eventually Mortifer deemed that his student was ready. Lendolin was knighted a paladin and told to go out into the world, to uphold the law, safeguard the masses, and enforce the will of ‘The Lady’.

Green knight

Sir Lendolin of Dray

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