The Darkened North

We may be in over our heads

Having rejoined my fellow explorers after a short respite, we found ourselves in a room where a battle had recently taken place. An ogre lay dead in the room along with a several dead slaves. Aside from an empty chest the room had been looted of any valuables and the group decided to return to the study found at the opposite end of the monastery.

Once in the hallway leading to the library we could hear the voice of a recently fallen comrade coming from a room leaking a purple liquid from beneath the door. Catching the dwarf’s attention, Ferris found his way into the room closing the door behind him. The group paying no mind to this made its way to a room apparently devoted to dead men.

Meanwhile, I maintained a close ear to the events unfolding in the purple ooze room. Apparently, our thought to be recently fallen wizard was to some degree still “alive” and as a result was able to be salvaged…or at least his brain, which was now kept in a jar… with a built in voice box. The events that took place are a little hazy and in light of tragic circumstances will likely never be made clear, but whatever happened in that room left Ferris in a state of mental digression. Paranoia took a firm hold on the dwarf and upon his escape from said room, the group reconvened in the next room.

While enjoying a pause in hopes of getting the dwarf to calm himself, the fighter in the group decided to study the many images on the wall when it occurred to the rest of the group that the images bore a strong resemblance to our fellow fighter. As he touched one of the images he was magically fitted with a pair of fighter’s gloves presumed to be of some family endowment. It would not take him long to use them. As the group attempted to leave to room to continue their search for treasures, Ferris, still suffering from his paranoia, kept the door blocked and refused to budge. As our fighter tried to push through the dwarf lashed out leading to an exchange of blows. With the emergence of creatures in the room the fighter b-lined for the hallway and has not been heard from since …we hardly knew him…

The group then inspected the room central to the monastery discovering a trap door that leads outside. After weighing our options we decided to make our way to the lower levels where it is said that frog-like enemies await any who dare to trespass against them. After carefully approaching the cellar it was thought best to approach a dining room to the right. Once inside the dining room we were quickly approached by two bugbears, which were done away with only to have two more ambush us from the opposite door. A lengthy battle ensued ending with the tragic demise of our most veteran member and savior. After the group raised a cup for our fallen brother it was decided to return to a weapons stockpile in the upper level of the monastery in order to re-arm ourselves, an insignificant conciliation in light of the loss one of the greatest warrior I’ve ever known. He will be missed.

Your common farmer


DrConnor kgamble654

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