The Darkened North

The Death of Heroes

I rejoined my companions at the monastery after spending some time brushing up on my skills as an archer after Ferris was harmed in a freak arrow launching accident. I was glad to see my old companions and pleased to make the acquaintance of some fresh faces. We navigated the halls of the ruined monastery where we passed a pool of water slowly dissipating and seeping through the floor. I drank from the pool and immediately regretted the decision. Mysterious water was a bad choice.

Following a clanging sound we made our way to an armory of some kind. There we made short work of goblins and acquired a blacksmith who had been imprisoned by Crand and his men. Due in large part to our sure-footed thief and some unorthodox door-opening techniques we were able to press on through the winding halls and myriad of rooms of the monastery.

We continued to cut down goblins and hobgoblins alike who were no match for the brute force of our metal, hulking, zombie… guy. Feeling perhaps a little over-confident in our abilities, we pressed on allowing our lumbering giant a brief respite from battle.

We continued our crusade and began to hear a fell voice proclaiming, “I am Crand! Tsar of the Underdark!” Not to be outdone, Zedd began vocalizing his claim as the true Tsar of the Underdark as the rest of us garrisoned ourselves in a small room. The thief and I readied our arrows atop the tables as the others stationed themselves near the door where we intended to bottleneck the oncoming horde.

Crand’s minions poured in through the door and for a while, were unable to gain any ground. My comrades fought bravely and held their ground, but there were just too many. I watched in horror as one after another, my friends met their untimely ends. Amidst the chaos, I lost track of Zedd and though it seems unlikely he escaped with his life, I maintain hope for his survival. As I bravely fled the scene, only a berserk Ferris was left standing, surrounded on all sides by Crand’s forces. In the end however, even Ferris met his end that fateful night.

I am saddened beyond words at the loss of the bravest men I have ever had the pleasure of questing with. I am filled with rage and desire to rid Crand of this world. Crand, you will not get away with this. Friends, sleep well and know that you will be avenged.



DrConnor BrendanDoan

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