The Darkened North

The Death of a Hero

Not Lemmiwinks

Obviously I knew it existed, and I knew he had it. Still, all I had to do was mention that I was in the market and Locke (R.I.P) handed it over. We had only just met and he gave me the bloodhide armor, a truly priceless piece of protection. It’s since been passed on. And so has he.

The party delved deeper into the monastery, scouring a ruined library for manuscripts. Talia was quite excited. Content with our findings we moved on, but not before one of the frog men turned up, killed one of Ursis’ rats, and dropped a strange tiara in the room. The party recalled the debacle with the Goat Head amulet and was unwilling to touch it. Lemmiwinks the Rat (R.I.P) picked it up and brought it to Brother Simon (R.I.P) who wrapped it in cloth.

Moving on we discovered a large beautiful room with an enchanted ceiling and an immense swimming pool. Locke and I suggested we play a game of “Who can stand closest without falling in,” but nobody else wanted to play and, well… we weren’t going to push each other in. Lemmiwinks drank from the water with no ill effect, followed by Talia who was invigorated. Locke and I decided to follow suit. He became petrified for his last night on Earth and I puked like it was Mardi Gras.

The party scouted ahead while I guarded Locke and treated him with the utmost respect. The next morning we all set off down a secret passage to ambush some hobgoblins. Lacking a thief to stealthily unlock the door, we kicked it down and barged in. Locke and I were quickly surrounded with attackers. Rob the Wizard Dwarf quickly dispatched a large group of the hobgoblins while the party picked off the stragglers. Lemmiwinks died.

Flanked, Locke began losing blood quickly. The enemy leader, Skai, was resistant to my witty comments about his mother and his girly-looking wolf-helmet. Locke put up a brave resistance and felled many foes, but Skai killed him. Locke is no pansy; Skai was tough-he nearly killed me next, but Rob the Wizard Dwarf put the remaining enemies to sleep. I was unable to save Locke’s soul, but I took Skai’s for torment. I vow to you Locke, I will attach a lantern to a pig in your honour.

A Monk joined the party shortly after Locke’s death. He had intimate knowledge of the monastery from a time before it was overrun with foul beings. The rest of the party drank from the giant pool before moving onwards to a magically darkened room. Kane the monk knew there was a holy statue in the room someplace, and the party traveled in to find it. It was this terrible magical creature, but far more terrible was Brother Simon’s reaction to it. He stood on the platform and swung his flail at the statue, intending to knock its gems free. In a flash he was nothing but a puddle of goop on the floor.

Brother Simon’s death set off some sort of alarm. The party chased the noise to find an ogre murdering barbarian slaves. In a rare encounter the party was able to slay the ogre and his ogrey friend, thanks in large part to the magics provided by the Wizard and Druid, and the assistance of one of the freed barbarians.

In a chest we found a pile of gold, some gems, and a sneaky assassiny assassin magic item that would probably suit an assassin really well. Shame we didn’t have one with us and now I can’t find it.



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