The Darkened North

The Dark Ones

Or: why running around in the dark on a nightmare island is probably a bad idea

When the morning dawned bright and early, Ferris received several healing spells to counter the damage done to his throat by his comrade, Yoginthal, who was nowhere to be found. The group decided to stay a day or two with the barbarians before going after Crand, but Zedd the duelist and Jacen the simple farmer decided to accompany a barbarian patrol to scout ahead. Despite their ability to move silently, they and two of the barbarians were entranced by the piping of a mysterious force. The third barbarian traveled back to the camp to inform his chief, and a tense standoff ensued. The chief and Ursis had a conversation that none of the others understood while Locke argued with the scout but ultimately decided that discretion was the better part of valor. For reasons the party did not fully understand, Ursis was eventually persuaded to choose one of three young women, who was then escorted out to the barrows. The young woman and the chief’s wife were traded for the lives of the scouts and the missing party members. Unsettled but reunited, the group set off for the monastery.
In the re-purposed monastery the group found a statue with two giant diamonds. The retrieval of the diamonds necessitated the defeat of legendary (if skeletal) assassins (twice). In exploring the creatures’ resting places, Jacen found a lovely stiletto blade. Finding nothing else of value, the group continued to explore.
While Zedd and Locke discussed a game of ‘stand closest to the mysterious green algae lake without anything bad happening’, Brother Simon became stuck in it. In attempts to rescue him and Locke, who was nearly suffocated by the substance, nearly every party member became entangled, and it looked like Ferris might have to fight the nine approaching goblins alone. Ursis recalled a spell that propelled the party out of the lake just in time, and the goblins attempted to flee. A captured enemy pointed the party to a treasure before being released. In their search, the party acquired two new rodent companions and a few gems, but they continue to search the monastery buildings.


Bing! XP Awarded!

The Dark Ones
DrConnor kjzhalifax

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