The Darkened North


I stumbled down the hallway, chased by the screams of Crand’s murderous minions and the echoes of my fallen comrades. I moved quickly down the corridor, making my way towards a sleeping giant. I woke Ironhide and we made our way back as fast as we could away from Crand’s forces, eventually coming to the drawing room. There, we saw tracks of mud outside the door. Undeterred, we entered the room.

What we found was a strange fellowship indeed. We briefly exchanged words, cautiously trying to discover the other’s intentions without revealing our own. It did not take long for me to realize that despite their motley arrangement, these were good men. I opened my hear and told them of Crand the losses I have suffered at his hand. One-by-one they stood up and rallied to my cause. My new pledges and I proceeded to make our way back towards Crand.

We took a short detour and encountered a group of weird bird creatures. Our eyes were indeed bigger than our stomachs… and perhaps our better judgement. The unassuming bird proved to be no easy prey. We managed to rid ourselves of the pests and got back on track.

We arrived at the small room where the fallen and I had garrisoned ourselves previously. Gore, guts, blood, broken bones and cracked skulls painted the room floor to ceiling. The defiled remains of my brethren lay spread out on all corners of the room, a brutal reminder of our collective failure.
We pressed on and discovered a large gladiatorial room. No doubt an arena for men to combat for Crand’s pleasure. There was not much activity other than two corpses and two dogs. The elf and I prepared to put the rabid quadrupeds out of their misery and readied our bows. The macabre Reaper however felt a strong attachment to the beasts. Though his demeanour makes me uneasy, his presence appeared to calm the bests. Just as Reaper had managed to calm the more ferocious of the two hounds, the ground began to rumble and we heard a loud marching sound.

Crand and his men were approaching. No matter, this fellowship was not composed of slackers and we positioned ourselves to fend off Crand and his goblins. Swords clashed, goblins were thronged with arrows and we held our ground. Our defense was going well. A large bestial man came around the corner carrying a flayed man with a sign on his chest with the words “Tsar of the Underdark.” It was our beloved Zedd on a spike, writhing in agony. We managed to free Zedd and at that time Crand began to shout. He was calling for a champion.

Reaper headed the call. Crand towered over the skeletal man and it became clear that Reaper was no match. Ironhide took his place and a powerful battle ensued. Things were not going well for Ironhide when suddenly a mysterious spell was cast and Crand and his goblins fled the scene.

We regrouped and decided to head back to where we encountered the screaming chickens. We entered a room nearby and “Bam!” In the blink of an eye Kraggar was gone! A few of us scrambled frantically to get to the other side while others went down the hall to try and find him.

When we finally made it through to the other side, we found Kraggar involved in a mirror match. Two identical Kraggar! I didn’t know which one to shoot! The scuffle continued until eventually the true Kraggar emerged victorious.

The monastery grows more dangerous and treacherous every day, with new twists and turns in every direction. Who knows what perils lay ahead? All I know is that Crand is still out there, and my recently deceased brethren left un-avenged. Not for long Crand, not for long.



DrConnor BrendanDoan

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