The Darkened North

Our new friend, the witch

She's good people

Ferris and Nigra drifted in and out of consciousness, diseased from the easily cleared bat-cave. Ursus had returned from his meeting with an elderly witch when a naked dwarf wizard emerged from the bushes, tailed by a goblin. Unperturbed, Yoginthal put an arrow through the dwarf’s throat. Wait, that’s not right. What would he do that for?

Eventually giving some clothing to the newcomer, the party continued on their way to meet up with the old witch for healing. She must have been out or something, but her beautiful young daughter greeted the travelers with delight. She healed Ferris of his disease in no time at all. Moments really. Girl was a pro.

She then met with me to exchange information. After giving me valuable map locations, she turned the conversation to the dagger looted from Kalorel. She described in detail the methods of using it, or as she called it the “Path of █████.” All I have to do is ████ █ █████ ██████ ██████ █ ████ ████ ████ ██ ███ █ ███ ████ █████ ████. Tricky business, but it’s good to know. The witch and I ███ █████████ ███ and now Ferris and I are Eskimo brothers.

The beautiful witch then made a deal with Ursis; she offered to remove his curse in exchange for the head of a local beast. The party set off, leaving the unconscious Nigra behind with the completely trustworthy and suddenly pregnant witch. After scaling a dangerous clifftop, Jacen the farmer went on ahead to introduce himself to the ogre. A fellow farmer, they got along famously. The ogre spun some tale about the witch, but he was a nice guy overall, so the party unanimously agreed to leave him and his family alone. They continued on to another steam cave.

Inside the cavern were some terrible locusts. They swarmed a handful of party members who quickly warded them off by jumping in pools of water. Wearing plate armor, Locke found himself unable to swim out. In a panic he stripped his armor and tried to fight off his rescuers, but they were able to pull him from the depths. Though he is noticeably depressed about his lost armor, Locke will live.

The party continued on and found a cave-dwelling village of escaped slaves and members of Ursis’ tribe. For literally the first time ever the adventurers were able to unwind without fear of disaster. They partied, drank, and fired arrows at each other or something. I’m not really sure. The mead was good.

Anyways, we awoke this morning with headaches and set out to free slaves and kill Krand. Ferris isn’t sounding to good and I guess Talia got her hair did.

Some sections are need to know and have been redacted. I need a scribe.



Wonderful as usual.

XP granted.

Our new friend, the witch
DrConnor jgpicard985

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