The Darkened North

Fall of Kalorel

By juboke.

The party descended ever deeper into the darkness of this vile dungeon only to come across more prisoners of the evil Kalorel. Two of the prisoners; Brother Simon, a cleric and a bard joined the party if only to put Kalorel to the sword once and for all. As the party managed themselves through the maze of rooms, Ursis and Nigra became separated and were trapped in a room sealing them off from escape. To make matters worse the room began to fill up quickly with water. Try as they might the party was unable to help their trapped companions and if not for the quick thinking and roguish skills of Nigra, both would have perished in this fiendish trap.

Reunited once more the party ventured forth and entered the inner sanctum of Kalorel.

This large room was dominated in its center by a pool filled with the blood of eviscerated prisoners chained to the ceiling above. Across the room where the party entered was a large statue of Orcus.
Orcus statue

Kalorel waited for the party on a raised dias flanked by two sinister looking undead minions with red gems for eyes. On the far side of the room a Wight moved to intercept the heroes as they entered and from behind them a Ghast approached.

Soldier skeleton knight

Battle ensued. Nigra, Thane and Zedd were holding off the undead minions of Kalorel. The others did not fare as well as Jacon was paralyzed by the Ghast; Brother Simon was seriously wounded and Ferris was held in place by Kalorel foul magic but not before seriously wounding him with his mighty battle axe. During the melee a giant worm-like tentacle burst from the pool of blood, flailing about a danger to friend and foe alike. The battle seemed as if the party could overcome Kalorel just as easily as he could defeat the heroes; that was until Locke was able to fell a crushing blow on Kalorel. Severely wounded and unable to defend himself, Ursis stepped forward and removed the burden of Kalorel head from his shoulders. As Kalorel head fell to the ground the statute of Orcus exploded into a thousand shards and a female demon appeared as if entombed within the statue itself.
Homm5 inferno succubus favo

The demon quickly dispatched Kalorel remaining minions (the exception being the Ghast who fled) and confronted the party. The heroes unable to answer any of the demons questions to her liking flew off but not before bestowing a curse the Druid, Ursis.

As the party was leaving the dungeon they were confronted by the Ghast who requested and had words with the bard <name> alone. What transpired between the two only they know … for now.

Upon reaching the ruins that sit above this dungeon the party was sent upon by a party of orcs which the heroes easily dispatched. The group decided it would be in everyone’s best interest to leave as these orcs appeared to be a well-armed scouting party and they did not want to confront a much larger group. Wounded, tired and landed with treasure the heroes set off toward further adventures.

Orc scouts

As the party of heroes set off into the forest and faded from view they were watched from the darkness by the Ghast, smiling …


DrConnor DrConnor

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