The Darkened North

Covering Ground...Slowly

From within the maze like catacombs of the monastery, the party and I left the dead end where we had decided to rest last. We proceeded to attempt to navigate the tunnels which dipped and rose according to the extensive tunnel systems that exist here, a system that in my experience is incredible when one considers that it is built in solid rock. We continued through the tunnel system coming across several intersections, marking our way on the walls until we came upon what we determined to be a bugbear nest. It was determined to be where our (and I cringe at this very notion) allies had been holed up all this time. I hate bugbears!!

The nest was a dead so we backtracked then went South to discover that this section of tunnel led back to the round room in which we started. This was somewhat exciting, if not for everyone else then for me, this meant that by process of elimination we would soon understand which of these doors leads where. I can’t help it when it comes to these feats of engineering, I feel right at home in these stone structures, I am in my element.

Nothing much took place for the next while other than the odd drive by spider attack which nearly took off our simple Paladin’s head. We continued to make our way through the tunnels which all led back to that same initial room. Things picked up once we arrived at a door which resembled the other doors belonging to the central room, that is to say water damaged and covered with an abundance of fungus, but this door in particular was slightly ajar. Our Ranger informed us that he could hear breathing coming from the other side of the door and when he tried to sneak a peak something nearly took his head off. I charged the door hoping to take whatever this was by surprise. I mean, really, who can truthfully say that they were expecting a giant Golem to come crashing through the door? Finally this was of no use, the beast had fled and the southern most door in the central room was open. The southern door, we already know, leads to another room much like the one we currently stood in, round with a total of 6 doors, the only door yet to be searched in this section faced north-east and so to tie up this section we decided to venture off in this direction.

This particular tunnel led east for some considerable time before swaying south and heading back in a western direction before coming to a dead end. Against the furthest wall was a rather thick wall of the same fungus that is apparently ubiquitous in these tunnels. Upon closer inspection it was discovered that there was a hidden tunnel beneath the fungus which was removed by the Tsar who then proceeded to make his way through the secret entrance, this was nearly a fatal move. Once on the other side of the wall, Zedd’s source of light went out and he was soon attacked by a swarm of giant mosquitoes. I had a lapse in judgement and thought I could plough through the wall but instead nearly knocked myself out in the process. It was clear that Zedd was in trouble and most of us went to his aid and entered the dark room. While they fought behind the wall I stood guard waiting for that damned spider to try again. Patience eventually paid off and it ran right into my axe, splitting it down the middle. It was a rough go for a bit but battered and bruised we all pulled through and spent the next ten hours resting, healing and meditating.

After some poor medical work and some rest, despite the rude interruptions by the three stupidest bugbears I’ve ever met, we awoke to what sounded like a scuffle. Really…stupid is putting it lightly, they couldn’t even follow basic directions!! They deserve to be down here…anyway… Everyone seemed concerned about our “allies” but I on the other hand could care less and chose to inspect one of the two secret doorways discovered during our repose. I soon discovered three chests, each with locks that bore strange markings. We soon discovered that these locks could only be opened by certain people one being our Paladin and myself being another. My chest held a golden serving tray along with a silver pitcher and 4 silver serving goblets, a jewelled cake knife, a bracelet and a jewel necklace that matches the golden necklace recovered from Kran’s throne room. The Paladin discovered a set weightless armour as well as a matching sword and a ring that seems to be the counterpart to the fire ring recovered from the doppelgänger. Now we need only discover how to open the last chest and continue on through the complex tunnel system.


DrConnor kgamble654

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